Chapter 5
Time, Your Greatest Commodity

If you would fall in love with the things you need to do to become a success, not only would you win faster, but the journey would be just as much a reward.

~Bill Ebert



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FROM CHAPTER One: During my highschool years, I was voted, “Most likely to die of a drug overdose.”  I so lacked the tools and direction in life that by the time I was 18, I was sleeping in a friend’s closet, hiding there while the mom was home and only coming out when she went to work.

In that closet, I had my first epiphany.  While sitting in the dark waiting for my next bologna sandwich to be past under the door, I realized for the first time that I could figure out what other people did to become successful and just do that.

The first story of success I told myself was this, “The guy who owns this two story house that I am hiding in, was just six years earlier a Cuban refugee and who escaped imprisonment after his family was murdered by his government.” This man arrived to the USA not knowing the English language, had no American education and no connections.  But six years later, he was a surgeon working for a top hospital in New Jersey and making 150,000.00 a year. For 1981, that was huge money.

This is the first premise of success: If someone can, so can you. You would think that growing up in the USA, I had all the right foundations. Instead, here I was 18 years old, with twelve years of an American education, and living in a closet.
I have spent many, many years learning what it takes to not live in someone else’s closet and have gotten so good at it, that I now have dedicated my life to helping others get free from theirs.


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